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Indigo youth ltd,
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The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthWisdom

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,855,873


Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Belvedere Community Forum Belvedere £27,325 This new two-year project involves Belvedere Community Forum opening a café at its existing community centre in Belvedere. The café will be run by local parents looking to return to work who will gain skills such as customer service and food hygiene and also by local older people who are seeking to build stronger social connections in the community. The café will be open six days a week and will include a weekly cooking on a budget class.
Carers4Carers Ltd Lambeth £48,596 This two-year project from Carers4Carers is for the continuation of existing work funded by the Trust. The group will continue to provide a social therapy space run by carers for carers providing them with access to holistic and beauty therapies, physical group activities, workshops, breakfast and lunch. The intention is to bring carers together in a supportive environment to access activities they would not normally be able to afford, enable them to learn and share skills, share a meal with others and develop friendships. Those benefiting will mainly be female carers aged 35-70 from Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Lambeth, London.
Loughborough Junction Action Group  Lambeth £48,500 This new two-year project aims to deliver supervised play sessions at the Grove Adventure Playground at Loughborough Junction, Lambeth. In conjunction with Save the Grove Adventure Playground (a group of local residents and parents campaigning to save the playground from permanent closure), the project will reopen the playground, which has been closed for three years. The group has come together because the local council, Lambeth, wants to close the playground and sell the site for housing. However, Lambeth has put these plans on hold to see if local people can come up with a community-led solution to secure the long-term future of the playground. The project will result in not only physically improving the local area but in local people engaging with each other through volunteering, and with children gaining in confidence and self-esteem and learning personal skills through outdoor play.
Triangle Adventure Playground Association Lambeth £42,714 This new two-year project aims to deliver a range of positive activities each weekday (including bicycle maintenance; bike rides; self-defence classes; sports, construction, and cookery) for children and young people at an adventure playground in the London Borough of Lambeth. The project aims to provide diversionary activities away from neighbourhood bullying and gang activity and to bring people from diverse ethnic and faith communities together. The young people will be involved in designing the programme of activities and in influencing the project on an ongoing basis through being involved in a steering group and through volunteering to run the activities.
D'Eynsford TMO Southwark £28,623 This new two-year project aims to turn a disused room next to the applicant’s office on the D‘Eynsford Estate into a community space that will give the residents a place to meet and take part in activities such as IT and fitness classes, coffee mornings, film nights, and children’s sessions.  The project is based on the D’Eynsford Estate in Southwark
Howbury Friends Bexley £41,712 This two-year project is the development of the group’s existing work with residents of Slade Green in Bexley. Howbury Friends will run a series of activities for children aged 5-11 in the afternoon including cookery, arts, sports, fitness, dance and football. There will also be a programme for young people 11-19 in the evening covering health and beauty, cookery, singing and songwriting, mechanics and drama. Alongside these, there will be family activities and sessions for the over 50s.
Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers Peckham £42,960 This existing two-year project will continue to deliver gardening and food growing activities for refugees and asylum seekers living in Peckham, south London. There will be weekly gardening sessions as well as workshops covering topics such as medicinal herbs and willow weaving. There will be community events at the garden each year open to all local people, and visits to local places of interest such as Chelsea Physic Garden. The project seeks to address issues around mental ill health, social and emotional isolation and refugee and asylum seeker status.
indigo youth ltd Brixton £27,985 This two-year project is the development of the applicant’s existing work with young people around music. The project will enable participants to share their experience of music and how it is made.  The project will help young people develop skills including writing music, production and performance, poetry writing, street dance, and music video and filmmaking.  The project will draw participants from the Angell Town Estate in Brixton, south London.   
Lambeth Elderly Association from Vietnam Stockwell £31,610 This existing two-year project aims to reduce the isolation experienced by older Vietnamese and Chinese-Vietnamese people living in the inner city south London district of Stockwell. It will continue to deliver the most popular activities amongst the participants including Tai Chi and dance classes, developed through the previous Trust funded project, and provide a daily befriending service.
Southwark Travellers' Action Group  Southwark £40,189 This existing two-year project aims to continue delivering a weekly youth group for 30 young Gypsies and Travellers in the London Borough of Southwark. The young people will help organise and deliver activities of their choice, which will include social activities and day trips. The project will bring together young members of the Gypsy and Traveller community from different sites and those living in flats and houses.
Tulse Hill Forum Tulse Hill £39,520 This new two-year project aims to enable local parents to organise activities for the whole family in Tulse Hill, south London. Informal play sessions will take place weekly while once a month a more structured community event or outing will be organised. 
The Big Red Bus Club Greenwich £43,713 This new two-year project aims to support and train local parents to deliver daily stay and play sessions for under-fives.  The project will be based in the Charlton Park area of Greenwich, an inner borough in south London. 
Oasis Community Hub   £34,985  
Carers4Carers Lambeth £45,224 This new two-year project aims to run weekly social sessions based around group therapies, activities and monthly workshops open to all carers in Lambeth delivered at Brixton Recreation Centre. It will address issues relating to: general community and neighbourhood work, social or emotional isolation and unemployment.
Lay Witnesses for Christ International - UK Bromley £19,343 This new one-year project aims to deliver an additional weekly tutor-led learning session for children with learning disabilities, alongside a separate weekly support group for their parents/carers that will run concurrently. The intention is to provide some focused support and socialising space for parents and carers, as well as increasing their capacity to give more tutor time to the young people.
Society for the Advancement of Black Arts (SABA) Ltd Lambeth £32,340 This new two-year project aims to develop training initiatives and activities covering mentoring, conflict resolution and self-development with residents from York Hill and Peabody Hill estates in Lambeth in order to engage with street gang members and other residents. Participants will take part in separate resident meetings at each estate on a weekly basis, and come together every six weeks for joint residents meetings in the hope of resolving conflicts.
Deepdene Seniors Learning Skills Club Bexley £16,500 This is a continuation of existing activities undertaken by the group for a further two years. It will deliver weekly social sessions with activities such as chairobics and ICT skills, for socially isolated older people in the Borough of Bexley.
Eastney Street Tenants and Residents Association East Greenwich £27,960 This new 22-month project will develop a gardening club run by residents on the Ernest Dence Estate in East Greenwich, London. Six differently themed raised beds will be installed and there will be a regular programme of gardening and food growing activities to encourage local participation and social cohesion including family holiday sessions and celebratory events. Participants will also be able to take part in capacity building workshops, with the intention of taking over the management of the scheme in the long term.
Greenwich Gurkha Ex-Servicemen Association Greenwich £29,433 This new 12-month project will provide a weekly luncheon club for elderly Gurkha ex-servicemen living on the Woolwich Dockside Estate in Greenwich. The club will include entertainment such as indoor games, quizzes and storytelling and offer information services by way of regular talks from service providers.
JusB Ltd Bromley £16,439 This existing two-year project aims to deliver the Good Choices youth group for children in the last year of primary school and first two years of secondary school. The project will be run in partnership with St Edwards (active local church) that used to run the local youth club – now closed. The session includes a range of fun activities as well as debates and activities which target their needs.
Skills & Care CIC Greenwich  £34,130 This new two-year project will provide a weekly community hub with activities to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of elderly Nepalese women and widows in Greenwich. Activities will include Nepalese dance, Tai Chi, gardening and music. The intention is to create a sustainable community of women to share experiences, be self-supporting and empowered with the skills to advocate for themselves, their family and the wider community.
Action for Refugees in Lewisham Lewisham £23,999 This existing two-year project aims to enable the applicant to provide a supplementary education service for the children of refugees and asylum-seekers.
The Friends of One Tower Bridge Road  Southwark £20,750 This new two-year project aims to establish a group of local volunteers to offer support to frail, disabled and lonely residents of a care home through regular group and one-to-one sessions.
Raw Material Music and Media Education Lambeth £45,520 This new two-year project has emerged from Raw Material's current work with local young people experiencing mental ill-health. Young people will run classes for their peers, with support from staff, teaching basic skills in guitar and drums. Each session will focus on a different genre of music with the young people being taught to play in that style. The classes will be for young people transitioning back to living in the community after a period in a mental health unit in one of Lambeth's hospitals.
Waterloo Action Centre Waterloo £37,202 This new two-year project aims to unlock the ideas of older residents about what will help them live independently for longer in the community.
Brayrads Tenants & Residents Association (BETRA) Peckham £6,300 This one-year project is the continuation of existing work and will install a greenhouse in the Estate's community garden and run gardening/nature-focused activities for young people.
Friends of Archbishop's Park Lambeth £34,985 This new project will run for 18 months and aims to regenerate areas of neglected and disused space in and around Archbishop's Park. The group will engage with local residents and work together to develop the areas into spaces that can be used for educational, social and recreation purposes.
JOY (Just Older Youth) Lewisham £10,384 This two-year project builds on work previously undertaken by the applicant and will offer a range of craft activities to local older people to encourage them to share skills and experiences, and offer moral support to each other in difficult personal circumstances.  
Lewisham Elders Resource Centre Lewisham £13,700 This new one-year project will deliver a programme of training and support to enable a group older people to get online.
Listening Ears Abbey Wood £33,624 Over 24 months, this existing project aims to reduce loneliness & isolation, and build confidence & personal esteem for the elderly and over 50s who live alone through a programme of regular group activities. Beneficiaries will predominantly come from the Flowers Estate (Abbey Wood, Greenwich) and surrounding areas.
Loughborough Junction Action Group Loughborough Junction £17,000 To employ a project manager to extend Loughborough Farm's work enabling local people to grow and sell produce. The project will recruit 20 volunteers who will be offered horticultural and small business training with the opportunity to seek employment in horticulture and food businesses. 
Copleston Centre Peckham £17,080 To bring people of different faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds together to form an alliance of civic institutions around Rye Lane, in Peckham. Forming the alliance will provide a way for local people to discuss their concerns for the area, forge stronger connections between the different parts of our community and take public social action to make Peckham a fairer and better place for all.
LETRA Loughborough Estate £37,000 To run after-school boxing and martial arts club for young people aged 6-16 years old living in the Loughborough estate and other young people from the local area.
Peckham Vision Peckham £39,000 To link local people by raising awareness of opportunities, matching individual's aspirations and skills with opportunities and to build pathways to increased participation, creating positive experiences and bringing about tangible improvements to Peckham town centre.
Rushey Green Timebank Rushey Green, Catford £36,500 To develop a local unused piece of land in Rushey Green into a unique place of learning about nature, basic alternative technologies and permaculture. This would benefit local adults and schoolchildren. Activities will include training and a shelter will be developed as a meeting place.
Street Talk Brixton £15,650 A new 2-year project born out of an existing service with a hostel where a 3 hour counselling service is already provided. The scheme will provide an art therapy group once a week at the hostel for women involved in pavement-based sex work in Brixton and also provide some one-to-one counselling.
Ed-bus.com Tulse Hill £23,830 This project will provide a lunch and social club for the older people living on the Tulse Hill Estate, delivering weekly sessions.
Burgess Park Food Project Peckham £11,006 The project aims to maintain a community garden throughout the year with local participants in Peckham
Cruse Bereavement Care (Bexley and Bromley area) Bexley £12,435 To set up two bereavement support groups in the Bexley borough for parents who have lost a child and for families bereaved by suicide.
Lambeth Elderly Association from Vietnam Lambeth £34,450 This project will offer tai chi classes, shiatsu massage sessions, a lunch club and financial advice sessions every week.
Waterloo Sports and Football Club Kennington £20,000 To provide local young people (aged 10-25) from Kennington access to a range of educational activities with a focus on mentoring, accredited qualifications and multi-sport.
St Matthew's Project Lambeth £5,998 Establish a family football club, by partnering with Jubilee Primary School, targeting 24 children aged 8 to 11 bringing families together and sharing facilities.
Outings for Older South Londoners Clapham Park £9,060 Provide a range of outings for the over-50s on the Clapham Park Neighbourhood to reduce isolation.
Bengali Womens Group Rockingham Estate £9,375 Develops a volunteering project to build a stronger community by engaging with 50 Bangladeshi women living on the Rockingham Estate.
Signal Family Support Sydenham £15,708 Supports an existing project to provide activities for families with children who have autism.
Listening Ears Abbey Wood £19,116 Delivers a project to reduce loneliness and isolation among elderly people living in Abbey Wood.
Somerville Adventure Playground New Cross £23,683 Develop a project to engage 150 youngsters, aged 12 to 24, from the Winslade Estate to address a lack of youth opportunities in the area.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Scope   £66,791 Maintain a Face 2 Face service to support parents' of children, newly diagnosed with a disability, come to terms with the situation and build stronger networks and circles of support.
Youth Sport Trust   £37,500 The project will work with schools and colleges to build confidence, support learning and improve the quality of life of young people under the age of 19.
Sustrans   £90,000 Increase levels of activity in everyday exercises - such as walking and cycling - among young people and those in areas of high health deprivation.
Royal Voluntary Service   £39,832 Allow people to remain independent at home, and active in their community, by providing the individual support they need as and when they need it.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Foodskills New Cross £7,650 Fund hands-on cookery and nutrition sessions in New Cross Gate, South East London, reaching young unemployed young people.
The Ashbourne Centre Southwark £9,500 Offer counselling to people on low incomes, have mental health problems and/or have experienced domestic abuse in Southwark.
Grow Time Bromley £9,984 Food growing project will improve the physical and mental health of people living in Cray Valley East and West wards in the London Borough of Bromley.
The Ernest Foundation Southwark £9,870 Deliver health and wellbeing workshops on Saturdays to individuals, predominantly of West African heritage, affected by HIV and/or AIDS and living in Southwark.
Lambeth Asian Centre Streatham £9,968 Enable Lambeth Asian Centre to provide health and wellbeing activities on two afternoons per week in Streatham, South London.
Lewisham Service User Council Lewisham £6,552 Run 50 x two and a half hour health and wellbeing sessions for people who have misused drug and/or alcohol.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Alzheimer's Society   £20,611 Provide a full-time dementia support worker who will assess the needs of people affected by dementia and help them maintain their independence and sense of well-being.
Carers Trust Bromley £46,801 To support carers and ensure they are making healthy choices about their own lives as well as the person they are caring for
Children's Food Trust   £44,069 Provide cooking clubs as a practical, fun and hands-on approach to helping people learn and understand how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.
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